Dear Menkit,

Here are some further thoughts on the longer URL we discussed. I have no idea whether e-gold expects this URL to actually be modified in the way I'm suggesting below, so if it doesn't work, then an actual programmer would have to take the next step.

>> Notice that the huge URL is separated by ampersands into its >> components: >>

So, for purposes of e-gold payments, you don't wish to change this part, unless you change your e-gold account.

>> PAYEE_NAME=Earth+Love+Enterprises&

This part ^^^ seems to confirm the e-gold account recipient. A good "suspenders and belt" approach to use both the account number and the account name in the URL to assure the right account gets the payment, and to ensure against someone making a payment to account A when wanting to pay account B.


This amount may be changed if you change prices. Notice %2E = .


The units are 1 = US$. In other words, "dollars worth of gold"


The payment metal is 1 = gold.


I don't think we want to change the status-URL because I believe it handles the status of the transfer (preview, confirm, exit).

>> NOPAYMENT_URL=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ee%2Dgold%2Ecom&

This noPayment-URL is for the case of "preview, cancel." When a user does not make a payment and cancels, this URL is displayed. It may also display when a person doesn't preview, but cancels.

In that event, you may wish to take prospective customers back to your home page. Or, you could build a new page with "Sorry you didn't order. If you want to contact us or try ordering again, here are the links." Then indicate the relevant links. Let's call that page "cancel.html" for reference.

So, if you create a page then the noPayment-URL entry becomes: NOPAYMENT_URL=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Eessentialoilcookbook%2Ecom%2Fcancel%2E html&

In writing that line, note that %3A = : %2F = / %2E = . %2D = -

No, I don't know how to write any other characters. But, these ought to be enough to let you make a few modifications to the exact URL, such as putting it into a subdirectory or giving it a different name.

Note that the parts of this command are separated by ampersands (&).


Here we see "method=link" which I think we want to keep. I'm not sure what else there is in terms of methods for reaching a URL, though "MAIL" seems like a possibility. So, we leave it alone.

>> PAYMENT_URL=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ee%2Dgold%2Ecom&

This part says that if the person makes a payment, after "continue" is clicked, the user goes back to the home page. Well, let's, instead, take the person to a "thankyou.html" page on your site.

So, if you create a page Then the entry should become PAYMENT_URL=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Eessentialoilcookbook%2Ecom%2Fthankyou%2Eh tml&


I think we want to "link" to that page, and I'm not sure what other choices exist.


I believe "baggage fields" exist to allow you to receive information from the e-gold server about the order that was just placed, so that a programmer would be able to display a page "thankyou.html" with customized programming for each order received that indicates how much the order was for, assigns a particular order tracking number, and perhaps echos the order particulars. I'm pretty sure there are limits to how many baggage fields and what they can be, and I'm not able to offer much help here.

I have a programmer in Arizona that I will probably be hiring to write a new order page for Assuming that happens, and he does a good job, I'll pass along his contact info. I hope to have him program the order page not only for e-gold but also for e-Bullion, Pecunix, and GoldMoney.

Now, here is what we had before:

>> >> payments.asp?PAYEE_ACCOUNT=861758&PAYEE_NAME=Earth+Love+Enterprises&PA >> YM >> ENT_AMOUNT=29%2E95&PAYMENT_UNITS=1&PAYMENT_METAL_ID=1&STATUS_URL=AUTO& >> NO >> PAYMENT_URL=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ee%2Dgold%2Ecom&NOPAYMENT_URL_METHOD=LIN >> K& >> PAYMENT_URL=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ee%2Dgold%2Ecom&PAYMENT_URL_METHOD=LINK& >> BA >> GGAGE_FIELDS=

and here it is again with changes:

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