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Buy this essay and others in Jim's new book Being Sovereign.

The Indomitus Report
Volume 2, #39

for 7 December 2005
"Day of Deceit"

Being Sovereign

The writing of this essay has been very difficult and painful for me, in ways that other essays have not been. The conclusions which are identified and proven in Mr. Stinnett's book are very unpleasant truths. It is hard to accept them, not only because of what was done, but also because of what Stinnett's conclusions imply about the power structure and people in charge today.

What was done was monstrous. In October 1940, Roosevelt approved a policy to deliberately provoke Japanese military action. His military and executive staff implemented that policy, while at the same time monitoring both Japanese diplomatic and military communications through very effective code breaking. Monitored communications, including numerous radio messages sent from the Japanese fleet while at sea during its preparations for attacking Pearl Harbor revealed not only the timing and location of the attack but exact numbers of Japanese vessels and aircraft involved in the attack, and their precise positions. Radio direction finding confirmed these positions.

It was possible in the weeks prior to the attack to prepare civilians in Honolulu, elsewhere in Hawai'i and around the Pacific Rim to safeguard them from the brunt of the attack. It was also possible to deploy the aircraft carriers and the most recently built naval warships to preserve them from the thrust of the Japanese attack - and this action was taken.

It was also possible to so alert the military commanders (e.g., Admiral Kimmel, General Short) in the Pacific to minimize the loss of lives, reduce the damage to USA military assets, meet the Japanese attack at sea, and better prepare for the anticipated attack. Instead, Roosevelt chose to implement a monstrous policy that kept key commanders in the dark, maximized the loss of life, severely damaged warships and aircraft at Pearl, met the Japanese attack at the last possible time, and prepared not for the anticipated attack, but for acts of sabotage which left far more lives and treasure at greater risk.

Having conquered Spanish colonies in the Philippines and having denied Filipinos their sovereign self-determination, the USA had a moral obligation to protect their people from the depredations of the Empire of Nippon. FDR refused to uphold American honor in this matter. Having no warning for key military commanders nor for any civilians produced monstrous casualties across the American possessions in the Pacific. The murders, rapes, tortures, and massacres that ensued were the behavior FDR knew to expect from the Japanese because of their actions in occupied Manchuria, Korea, and China. FDR knew exactly what would happen better than anyone. He deliberately chose not to meet American obligations to honor and decency by refusing to give fair warning, sending tens of thousands to painful and brutal deaths. He must have relished the suffering to have caused so much.

Moreover, Kimmel and Short were blamed for being derelict in their duty, an undeserved smear on their records that was not rectified for over 50 years. Roosevelt knew they were unjustly blamed and took no action to clear their names, nor did he leave any posthumous instructions. Like any tin pot dictator he deliberately set them up to take the blame for his own evil.

Stinnett is not an amateur or hack bearing a grudge. Rather, he supposes that a blatant attack causing extreme damage was necessary to bring America into the war. He seems enthusiastic about the alliance with Stalin and Churchill against Hitler, Tojo, and Mussolini. For my own part, I have difficulty with these choices in all five cases.

The record speaks very clearly in support of Stinnett's analysis and conclusions, and his documentation is superlative. He demonstrates with actual declassified government documents that all major Japanese naval codes, including the vaunted 5-number code, were broken prior to the outset of hostilities. Some had been broken in late 1940, others by October 1941. He demonstrates that radio direction finding showed the locations of Japanese fleet vessels which did not maintain radio silence during their transit across the Pacific. He demonstrates that the size, scope, nature, and precise elements of the attack were known in advance, and he illustrates how these facts were shared among code breaking personnel, politicians in Washington, and even some commanders in the Philippines, but not provided to Admiral Kimmel or General Short.

The extent of the sixty-eight pages of end notes and other documentation is impressive. The careful, factual analysis is compelling. The reproductions of actual documents included in the body of the text, in the photographic panels, and in the five appendices are clear, detailed, and conclusive. The book as a whole is simply a tour de force.

It was not enough for the monster Roosevelt that Americans should be killed, that Americans all over the Pacific should be taken prisoner of war by the Japanese, that the warships at Pearl be attacked and in many cases sunk, he wanted more. Roosevelt wanted lots of deaths, thousands of deaths, and many more casualties. Had the fleet been alerted, had aircraft been scrambled, the death toll would have been less. Roosevelt had the knowledge, the information, the details that would have allowed Pearl Harbor to be defended much more competently. With the location of the Japanese fleet known, the American fleet could have sortied to challenge them. With less exposure of intelligence assets, persistent air patrols could have been initiated weeks in advance so that aircraft would have been on hand and in the air to challenge the attacking planes. Instead the blood of thousands of Americans is on the hands of Franklin Delano Roosevelt - a man whose memory shall live in infamy.

The excuse of not revealing the extent of the intelligence available to the allies has also been used to justify Churchill's decision to allow Coventry to be obliterated by German bombs during the war. Evidently, Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt shared a common outlook on allowing monstrous things to be done to civilians on the flimsiest of pretext.

The war between the overt communists in Russia allied with the despicable socialists in Britain and the perverted socialists in the United States against the nationalist socialists in Germany, the fascists in Italy, and the militarists in Japan was a coldly calculated thing. It was not about freedom nor democracy nor republics nor constitutional limits on government nor individual liberty. World War Two was about power. It was about evil dictators in six major countries fighting over who would rule the world.

Those who fought and bled or died in the war may have fought honorably with good motives in their hearts, but they were also duped. They were treated duplicitously, needlessly exposed to danger, left twisting in the wind, or condemned to death by horrid, monstrous dictatorial scum. A decent society would continue to honor the veterans of World War Two but would also remove the unsightly blemishes which are monuments to Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin. These infamous butchers deserve nothing but contempt.

In many ways the world we live in today is a product of the outcome of that war. We still suffer the indignities and direct harm of domestic espionage by the agencies of the UK-USA treaty. UKUSA established the National Security Agency in the USA and other agencies in Britain, Australia, and Canada to collect and monitor information in the ECHELON database. By some accounts (Death by Government) the population of Russia was exterminated to the tune of some 74 million while American communists in government and private life gushed about the Soviet government's wonderful behavior. Men, women, and children are still tortured and butchered by their governments on every continent, not because torturing produces any useful information, not because butchery serves any useful purpose, but because those who govern the major nations of the world are bloodthirsty vermin whose hatred of humanity compels them to torture, murder, massacre, pillage, rape, and revel in depravity. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was such a man.

No, Mr. Stinnett doesn't reach these conclusions, but they are obvious extensions of the horrible deception perpetrated by Roosevelt and his slimy minions. The betrayal of the men and women of Pearl Harbor, the civilians of Hawai'i, the people of the Philippines, and the ordinary civilians, soldiers, and sailors of Britain, Holland, and the USA who could have been better prepared and even slightly forewarned about the impending Japanese attacks is inexcusable. The resulting world of socialized economies, brutalized peoples, massacred civilians, and depraved politicians reveling in power speaks clearly against the strategic desirability of the actions taken in the months leading up to 7 December 1941.

Evil men rule the world. The veterans of World War Two put them in power. Spy agencies, coercion, murder, and torture keep them in power. Your tax dollars maintain their control. It is a shameful, terrible situation.

And, sadly, Pearl Harbor was not an isolated event. In 1993, the USA government butchered seven dozen Texans in their church and deliberately, knowingly, and willfully slaughtered unarmed women and children, actions for which the government praised its assassins and promoted them. The government has never apologized. (Bill and Hillary Clinton should crawl from New York City to Waco, Texas on their knees through broken glass by way of an act of contrition for the suffering they caused.) In 1995 militia activists were blamed for blowing up the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. The purported bomb involved could not conceivably have caused the damage done to that building. News reports of the day reported other bombs - quoting the ATF as the source of these reports. In 1993, the World Trade Center was attacked by bombers whose explosives and explosives expertise were provided by the FBI. In 2001, Americans were killed in the World Trade Center under circumstances that the government's own official report identifies as negligence on the part of a host of government agencies meant to protect against the attacks.

One has to wonder whether the defenders were held back, the key intelligence kept from them, the tools they needed withheld, and the terrorists supported covertly with visas and other assistance. What is the term for assisting the Japanese to maximize casualties at Pearl Harbor by denying intelligence information to commanders in the field? What is the term for providing assistance to terrorists attacking civilian targets within the United States? The term is treason.

What do we actually know about 11 September 2001? We know that in August 2001, President Bush and Condi Rice had briefing documents about al Qaeda planned attacks. We know who benefited from the terrible results of the attacks - the military and the espionage agencies. We know who were left in harm's way, which terrorists were carefully wanded at the airports but still allowed to fly, and that the jet aircraft sent in pursuit of the second, third, and fourth planes were not allowed to fly supersonic. Some people suspect that photos of major sections of the World Trade Center falling - sections that are remarkably similar in size and shape - might represent evidence of a controlled demolition of the buildings. Others wonder at Silverstein's comments to the effect that WTC 7 was "pulled." There is also a great deal we don't know, and may never know.

But we do know that Saddam Hussein didn't plan or implement the attacks on 11 September 2001, and didn't have weapons of mass destruction. We have reason to suspect that the claims of such weapons were lies. And we do know that thousands of American soldiers have been killed, over ten thousand have been injured - many in severe, crippling ways - and tens of thousands of Iraqis have been massacred to slake the blood thirst of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, Donny Rumsfeld, and their gang of traitorous scum. An eyewitness claims that Bush has said, in a White House meeting, that the constitution is "just a goddamned piece of paper."

It is. It is just a piece of paper, and quite likely condemned to failure by design, if not divine intervention. It has failed utterly to limit the power of government. It has failed miserably in protecting the individual liberty, private property, or happiness of the people. It is an experiment that failed, utterly. And the men and women who swore and betrayed an oath to uphold it should, in a decent and righteous society, be held accountable to their oaths, tried for treason where appropriate, and when found guilty, executed publicly at the earliest opportunity. But, of course, they won't be.

The issue of whether or not the United States would be governed by a limited national government with only those powers identified in the constitution was a settled matter in 1860. It was clear to those alive at the time, including the leaders of 15 states and territories and several Indian nations that it would not be. It was clear to many in the Union, as well, who evidently reveled in the opportunity for bloodshed, corruptly allocated contracts, and brutal excess. The experiences of those men and women at that time and the experiences of people since then are consistent in this respect. Unlimited government has been released upon the Earth, has been terrible in its might, merciless in its brutality, and painful in its uselessness, while being putrescent in its decadence.

When I read the well-documented work of Robert Stinnett, I feel very, very sad. I feel nearly powerless. I feel controlled, coerced, and abused. I feel personally and deliberately betrayed.

I do not like Day of Deceit because it does, as its subtitle notes, reveal "The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor." It documents facts, often in endless detail. It illustrates the extent of the record-keeping ability of Americans and the indefatigable search for truth. One should admire this book, read it, understand it, challenge it, embrace what is factual within it. But it is not easy to like it, because it exposes painful misery in its truths.

The fact is, evil, vicious, nasty, horrid creatures rule the nations of the world. They are whores for self-aggrandizement and personal gain. They are gluttons for all forms of vice and viciousness. They are brutal tyrants. They are malicious liars and miscreants. They are thieves. They have no honor, no decency, and no legitimacy. And to free ourselves of them is a task to make the cleansing of the Augean stables look like child's play.

Free Market Money

      "The extent of the control over all life that economic control confers is nowhere better illustrated than in the field of foreign exchanges. Nothing would at first seem to affect private life less than a state control of the dealings in foreign exchange, and most people will regard its introduction with complete indifference. Yet, the experience of most continental countries has taught thoughtful people to regard this step as the decisive advance on the path to totalitarianism and the suppression of individual liberty. It is in fact the complete delivery of the individual to the tyranny of the state, the final suppression of all means of escape - not merely for the rich, but for everybody. Once the individual is no longer free to travel, no longer free to buy foreign books or journals, once all means of foreign contact can be restricted to those whom official opinion approves or for whom it is regarded as necessary, the effective control of opinion is much greater than that ever exercised by any of the absolutist governments of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. (The Road to Serfdom, 1944)

      "Next to the barrier of excessive growth of government expenditure, the second fundamental contribution to the protection of individual freedom which the abolition of the government monopoly of issuing money would secure would probably be the intertwining of international affairs, which would make it more and more impossible for government to control international movements, and thus safeguard the ability of dissidents to escape the oppression of a government with which they profoundly disagreed."

      - F.A. Hayek, Denationalisation of Money - The Argument
      Refined: An Analysis of the Theory and Practice
      of Concurrent Currencies
      , 3rd Edition, 1990

All is not darkness. We know what to do. The work of FA Hayek is brilliant in its clarity. It is a great blessing to all who have wandered in the wasteland of despair.

What makes it possible for brutal dictators like Roosevelt, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo to do the things they do? They have monopoly power of monetary issue. They control foreign exchange rates. The scum lawyers who drafted the United States constitution gave the government power to control exchange rates. One of the first acts of Congress was, in 1792, to set idiotic compulsory exchange rates among copper, gold, and silver which drove Americans crazy in the ensuing years.

To keep scumbag politicians and the nasty thugs who run espionage agencies on a short leash is nearly impossible while they are free to issue money. Cut off that power and replace fiat money with free market money, and the amount of government power dwindles remarkably. No century until the Twentieth Century ever saw as much fiat money printed by brutal dictatorships in Russia, China, the USA, the United Kingdom, Yugoslavia, Germany, and elsewhere. No other century saw as much death, destruction, torture, brutality, raping, looting, pillaging, massacring and genocide. This relationship is no mere happenstance.

The scum who rule the world have been able to create rivers and oceans of blood from common humanity because they have unlimited power to issue money. Given how evil these men and women are, judging entirely by the fruit of their labor, judging entirely by the actions they took to cause misery, oppression, harm, and death, given the way they worship at the darkest altars of horror, it is no mere economic preference to take away from them the issue power of money.

The monsters who rule the countries of the world desire the subjugation of every human being beneath their iron fists of despotism. Therefore they are unfit to govern free people, unfit to share in the joys of nature's bounty, unfit to live. Their actions in murdering, torturing, raping, looting, pillaging, massacring, genocide, and other evil condemn them to the flames of perdition hereafter. To protect oneself from such people, the individual has a moral obligation to use any defensive or retaliatory force necessary to remove from them the issue power of money.

Happily, we are in a position where the largest economy in the world presently has no legal tender law, minor wage controls, and easily circumvented price controls. It is possible to act in this environment to promote free market money. It is conceivable that the market would speak against the rapidly deteriorating dollar, yen, pound, euro, and other currencies and embrace money based on gold, silver, and other intrinsic value.

The alternative is war. If economic tools do not exist or are not sufficient to turn the tide against evil, if it is not possible to remove the issue power over money from the vermin which have taken it by peaceful means, then free men and women must regard their moral obligations and resist tyranny.

Ultimately, to save civilization we must wrest the issue power of money from government, or we will be subjugated in a police state, we will be robbed by a command economy, we will be individually and severally tortured, murdered, and raped. To defend ourselves by economic means when they are available is sensible. To avoid war while it is possible to avoid without disgrace or dishonor is intelligent.

But one cannot shirk duty and live. Those who run the major governments of the world have made their intentions clear. Their slavering grins are smeared with the blood of innocents, their nests are feathered with the suffering of others, their gluttony is served by torturing tax protestors.

While you can stand up for freedom by using free market money, you should. While you have the opportunity to live in peace, prepare for war. Deceivers, betrayers, and traitors won't hide their work forever. As in Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Communist China, and elsewhere, they are eager to be open in their depravity. They want your life, your property, your enslavement, and your blood.

Your enemy knows the source of his power is fiat money. He knows that his ability to pay for all the depravity and filth he creates is dependent on the barbarism of central banking. The bankers know it, too. Don't go to sleep expecting to wake up in a world of prosperity and freedom. To live in such a world, you'll have to create it.

Civilization is at a turning point. Very clever people have proven that it is possible to create stable, robust, powerful, and dependable distributed networks without centralizing anything. The Internet you are using to access this web page illustrates that principle. The success of the world wide web and its reach in trade and commerce stands as an indictment of all centralized power. There is no longer any excuse for centralized power utilities. There is no longer any excuse for standing armies. There is no excuse for command economies.

These features of large central governments do not exist because they can be justified by economics or technology or the free market. They exist to give power to feeble minded bureau-rats who would otherwise not have power. Large central governments exist to give power to power mad demons.

You have a choice. Either you choose to use the tools of free market money and individual sovereignty to defend yourself, or you choose to bow down before power, don the chains of abject slavery, and disappear into the maw of servitude and oppression - to be used, abused, brutalized, and destroyed at the whim of your owners. This choice is inescapable. It is at hand.

If mankind survives the present test, if we free ourselves from brutal dictatorship, if we adopt free market money and individual sovereignty, as individuals or in various groups, the bounty of the universe is ours. The rest of The Indomitus Report every issue is about what is possible with individual sovereignty and free market money. It is possible to obtain resources from the entire Solar System. It is possible to reach to other star systems in this galaxy. It is possible to establish new countries based on private property, individual liberty, autonomy, and mutual respect. It is also possible to live longer, healthier lives more fully exploiting the cornucopia of opportunity in the entire universe.

The possibilities before us are as boundless as the universe itself. We have the potential to reach the stars, to live thousands of years, to enjoy prosperity and happiness.

The only things standing in our way are a few depraved men and women who lack the foresight and the intellect to see the opportunities. It may be possible to circumvent their idiocy with economic tools such as free market money. It is clearly worth doing so.

Publication Note: For my next trick, I plan to fulfill some other obligations in writing assignments, including the book on free market money, the update on Jim Turk and John Rubino's stock picks, a more wholesome collection of essays on FA Hayek's masterwork on denationalising money, and the special sovereignty issue for 2006. Then the report will go back on a regular schedule.

The statements in this report are the views, ideas, and opinions of the author, Jim Davidson. He is solely responsible for what he thinks, believes, and writes. To those who demand that he surrender his arms and sovereignty, his response is as old as the Battle of Thermopylae. "Come and take them, if you are able."


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