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The Indomitus Report
Anno Domini 2006

Current Issue: 20 September 2006

    Being Sovereign

      "I set out to make a film..." - Aaron Russo

    Free Market Money

      "After the gassings had been carried ou ..." - Rudolf Hoess

    Space Frontier

      "This discovery suggests ...." - Peter McCullough

    Launch Technology

      "I think it is acceptable ...." - Wayne Hale

    New Country Developments

      "A month ago, deputies ...." - David Marples


      "Almost everyone went to the sawmill ...." - Gold Rush Tools

    Publication Note: We're trying a new format. Various complaints about the old format being too long, difficult to navigate, and hard to read suggested this change. To get started, simply click on the section heading for the essay and analysis you want to read first. Let us know how you like the new approach.

    There's no doubt this year has not been a good one for Indomitus Reports. Well, I'm back on track, now, and working hard to bring them out more often.


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