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While we agreed to provide 42 issues for 2005, and we're still working on issues for the months of November and December, we obviously weren't able to write and publish that many issues in a single calendar year. Therefore, the schedule for 2006 calls for 36 issues, the number we were able to make in 2005.

The publication schedule for 2006 includes the following issues:

09-Jan-06 16-Jan-06 30-Jan-06 13-Feb-06 20-Feb-06 27-Feb-06
13-Mar-06 20-Mar-06 27-Mar-06 10-Apr-06 17-Apr-06 24-Apr-06
15-May-06 22-May-06 29-May-06 12-Jun-06 19-Jun-06 26-Jun-06
17-Jul-06 24-Jul-06 31-Jul-06 14-Aug-06 21-Aug-06 28-Aug-06
11-Sep-06 18-Sep-06 25-Sep-06 16-Oct-06 23-Oct-06 30-Oct-06
13-Nov-06 20-Nov-06 27-Nov-06 11-Dec-06 18-Dec-06 29-Dec-06

We've highlighted plans for five special issues this coming year. Here are the special issues we anticipate for 2006:

Vancouver Resource Conference

Event 21-23 January 2006 Special Report due 30 January 2006.

Annual Sovereignty Review

Special Report due 10 April 2006. In this issue we review the issues relating to individual sovereignty that we've covered previously.

World Science Fiction Conference

Special Report due 11 September 2006. In Los Angeles this year.

New Orleans Conference

We wonder if the governments of New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana, and the Ferals may have gotten through screwing with New Orleans in time for this year's show. They certainly made a mess in 2005.

Annual Free Market Money Review

Review due 29 December 2006. Each year we'll review the new players, the old players, the size of the industry, and significant events.
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