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First, all existing subscribers should rest easy. Although we are no longer offering 50 issues in a year, every subscriber who has paid for 50 issues shall receive 50 issues as they come out. Think of it as having your subscription extended into the future.

Second, we are going with a publication schedule for 2005 as follows.

10-Jan-05 17-Jan-05 24-Jan-05 31-Jan-05 7-Feb-05 14-Feb-05
21-Feb-05 28-Feb-05 7-Mar-05 14-Mar-05 21-Mar-05 11-Apr-05
18-Apr-05 25-Apr-05 2-May-05 9-May-05 23-May-05 30-May-05
6-Jun-05 20-Jun-05 27-Jun-05 11-Jul-05 18-Jul-05 25-Jul-05
1-Aug-05 8-Aug-05 15-Aug-05 29-Aug-05 12-Sep-05 19-Sep-05
26-Sep-05 3-Oct-05 10-Oct-05 24-Oct-05 31-Oct-05 14-Nov-05
21-Nov-05 28-Nov-05 5-Dec-05 12-Dec-05 19-Dec-05 31-Dec-05

Third, obviously, it wasn't possible to produce newsletters at the rate of 50 per year during the last quarter of 2004, so there is no reason to suppose that rate would work out in 2005. As well, 42 is the answer to life the universe and everything, as Douglas Adams informs us, so it is a good number to work toward. We've highlighted plans for five special issues this coming year.

Here are the special issues we anticipate for 2005:

Annual Sovereignty Review

Special Report due 11 April 2005. In this issue we review the issues relating to individual sovereignty that we've covered previously.

The World Gold, PGM, & Diamond Investment Conference

Event 12-13 June 2005 Special Report due 20 June 2005. News: We've had to cancel our attendance at this event owing to a direct conflict with a prior commitment.

World Science Fiction Conference

Special Report due 12 September 2005. News Owing to the cost of gasoline, we were unable to finance our trip to Seattle for this event.

New Orleans Conference

Owing to the disaster in New Orleans, this conference has been postponed to next year.

News We've decided to attend Freedom Summit. We'll report on that one, instead.

Annual Free Market Money Review

Review due 31 December 2005. Each year we'll review the new players, the old players, the size of the industry, and significant events.
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