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The Atlantis Papers

by Jim Davidson

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      "So, basically, the justification for the right to privacy is to prevent people who have the power, the budgets, the guns, the badges, and the 'authority' from kicking your door down. Consider this, "When a state imposes iron control over everyday life, silences even the mildest criticism, drives its citizens into their homes in fear, censors the news, closes the theaters, revokes passports, knocks on the door at 4:00 A.M. and drags parents from their screaming children--who is served? The citizen in need of a modicum of order--or the state itself, protecting itself from outrage (Alvin & Heidi Toffler, Powershift, 1990)?" It is only the right to privacy which protects us from such treatment, and the Supreme Court has waived that right on your behalf, justifying their decision as needed to support the prosecution of drug crimes."

      --Excerpt from Chapter 5 "In the Fisheye Lens"

The Atlantis Papers includes the complete Constitution and Law of Oceania. Discusses the status of freedom in America, evaluates the solutions offered for the proposed nation of Oceania, and documents the freedom movement.

The Atlantis Papers is yours for $28.

The Atlantis Papers © 1994, 189 pages, extensive quotations and literary references, bibliography, two appendices (Constitution and Law) with index.

In December 1993, I drove out to Las Vegas to be a part of the Atlantis Project. This project was organized by Eric Klien and Chuck Geshlider, with much help from other libertarians in the region. An earlier Atlantis project had been organized by Werner Stieffel in the late 1960s, and ended up building a concrete boat, which ended up sinking. Both projects had certain key features in common - a desire to create new land on the ocean; a desire for free people to have their own communities; a desire to get something organized now.

The book The Atlantis Papers was written to explain and justify the constitution and law of Oceania, the new country that was to be created. Like The Federalist Papers the objective was to promote the new constitution as a good thing. Even though I didn't agree with everything in the constitution, I finished the book in Spring 1994.

About that time, I learned that there was something going wrong with the Atlantis Project. Eventually, it developed that about $250,000 had been lent to the project to organize a conference at Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas and to have a renowned architect build a model of the new country. The conference never happened. According to Chuck Geshlider, the funds were used to cover Eric's margin calls on some stock market speculations. Another friend says she knew Eric wasn't using stop loss orders.

As a result of the collapse of the Atlantis Project, I visited Courtney Smith and some friends in New York City. Courtney organized the New Country Foundation, which eventually gave rise to the Libertarian Nation Foundation, which, for all I know, still exists.

My deal with Eric was that I would finish the book. In return, he gave me the notes and materials written by Lee Crocker, Norm Doering, and himself. I did finish the book. When it came time to market the book, the project was near collapse, but Eric and I agreed that I would market the book and send half the proceeds to the Atlantis Project. At this point, there are still so many people who lent money to the project who haven't been paid back that I don't feel good about this deal. So, in the unlikely event anyone buys the book at this point, I won't be sending half the proceeds of book sales to Eric. Rather, I'll set those funds aside and contact the people who lent money to the project to see if they want the project's share.

Update 2 February 2005. One of my associates contacted me about the $2000 Eric owes him. He reports two others similarly stiffed. I've been in touch with Eric to see if he'll make good on these obligations.

If you want a copy, please contact us.

Copyright 2005 Jim Davidson, All Rights Reserved.

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