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Opinions of the Indomitus Report

"Indomitus is something I always read. I really enjoy these things."
Doug Casey, International Speculator
"Another good Indomitus. Well written and informative."
James Turk, author, entrepreneur, 29 June 2005
"Positions are articulated clearly, compellingly, and eloquently."
Dennis Feucht, Innovatia
"From the 59 Diner in Houston to the Moon, Jim explains where the new currencies are and where they are going. A must read for anyone interested in their money and making more of it."
Bernard von NotHaus, Monetary Architect of the Liberty Dollar
"You have a clarity and perspective on liberty that helps me to see more clearly."
Bill Bochynski, July 2005
"I've just renewed by sending you gold. Your newsletter is worth every gram."
Peter, 29 November 2005
The Mogambo guru mentions us.
The Libertarian Enterprise reprinted our bit on space tourism.
So did Virginia Liberty.
KitcoCasey reprinted our review of The Coming Collapse.
Liberty Dollar News named us Liberty Associate of the month for September 2005.