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Bolivia Business Citizenship Bolivia
Comments: An excellent outfit with ethical principals known to be freedom oriented. Their business is helping people seeking Bolivia citizenship or related paperwork.
Cambridge Foundation Methuselah Foundation
Comments: Aubrey de Grey is probably the most effective thinker and technologist working in the field of life extension today. If you want to live for a thousand years, or any meaningful percentage thereof, you really ought to see what he's about.
Cornell Business Ray Servers
Comments: If you want a laptop or eCommerce server that is secure by design and implementation, you want Ray Servers. Venkat is the most practical and extraordinary cryptography enthusiast who provides high quality hardware. Worth every centigram of gold.
Cyberspace Activists Electronic Frontier Foundation
Comments: We first participated in their blue ribbon campaign for online free speech back in 1995 or so. They are an outstanding group with many specific victories to their credit.
Cyberspace Zines The Libertarian Enterprise
Comments: We've contributed some dozens of essays and letters. Neil Smith does a great job as publisher and Ken Holder is currently doing yeoman's work as editor. Perhaps the single finest publication on individual liberty.
Estonia Business Ice Gold
Comments: We first met Paul Vahur of Ice Gold in Las Vegas at a conference in May 2002. Paul is incredibly honest, efficient, and talented. The only better exchange on the web is EzEz.
New York City Business Berlin Pacific Telecom Consulting
Comments: Our friend Anders wrote recently about his consulting service. He has "found customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings, at no cost them" by reviewing their telecommunications service contracts and identifying less expensive vendors with comparable or superior service. If your company has not reviewed its phone service in a while, give Anders a visit.
Sweden Think Tank Timbro.se
Comments: We met these guys at an event in Las Vegas in May 2004. They are sincere free market enthusiasts. Don't read Swedish? Try their English language site, or hire a Swedish tutor.