Heraldic achievement of Indomitus Industries

Selected Essays

by Jim Davidson

History Space Money Countries Freedom Longevity
"USA, RIP" "Frontiers in Space" Essays on Denationalisation Somalia "Defrauding the Elderly" Review of Reversing Human Aging
"Caliphate & Crusaders" "Property in Space" Dow:Au Ratio Switzerland
"Why Don't We Fly?"
Taxation "You Call This Life?" Better World "Whither Somaliland?"* Michael van Notten, RIP** Wobenzym
Debt history "Criteria in Space" Free Market Money Bolivia
Voting Is Madness!
Jasper de Grey


* I was a co-author of this essay with Michael van Notten and Spencer MacCallum writing under a joint pseudonym.

** I sent along a few thoughts to Vince Miller, who is far too kind in identifying me as a source for his essay. I've included this essay here, because Michael was a key figure in my work in Africa. I miss him.